3 Reasons To Choose Samsung's The Frame TV


When it comes to TVs, many people see them as pure black boxes for watching movies or TV shows. Usually, they are not suitable for clever decorations, prompting many people to hide the TV completely in this situation. But what of your TV can also be integrated with all artworks?

Let’s welcome Samsung’s The Frame, which is an out-of-the box smart TV that not only displays stunning visual effects, but is also comparable to other masterpieces. Compared with other TVs, it has many unique features. You may want to use The Frame as part of the living room, but there is no particular order and here are the reasons.


1. An art pieces on its own

At the first view, Samsung’s The Frame does not look like a TV. You can take it out of the box and go to “When do I order a photo frame?” Yes, this smart TV looks like a frame for storing photos or artwork. This may be why Samsung gave it a special nickname, but what is so special about it?

Well, it cannot be denied that this is a beautiful-looking product, and it’s a work of art. You can match it with customizable modern or beveled bezels to match your living room or personal space, so you can choose your favourite bezel. According to the information that the editor know, the bezel come with different colour depend on the tv size that you purchase and the bezel colours is up to 8 colours, which include the beige, brown, black, platinum, white, vivid lemon, natural pink and white (beveled). And you can click HERE to see the actual colour of the bezel. Most importantly, the fuselage of the new model is 46% thinner than the 2020 model, with a thickness of only 24.9mm. You can install it on the wall without dislocation.


2. Bringing digital art to life

You don’t have a smart TV mounted on the wall like this, do you? As the name suggests, The Frame can be turned into a digital photo frame. Specifically, you can use it to display a digital photo or art collection of your choice.

This is done through the “Art Mode”, which is the main screen mode of the “Photo Frame”. In this mode, the collection of photos or artworks can be displayed with the help of the “My Collection” function on the Smart View application. When turned off, the photo frame will enable “Art Mode” and transform into an art gallery. Using this mode, you can place The Frame in the actual collection of artworks and then blend them directly.

But what if you don’t have a beautiful artwork like this? Don’t worry, you can subscribe to the Art Store and download one of them from the extended library, which houses more than 1,400 artworks from the world’s leading art galleries. You can also send personal photos via mobile phone, or transfer photos via USB drive!


3. New premium tech for a greater viewing experience

Of course, if you don’t watch TV shows or movies, what kind of TV is it? In this regard, The Frame is absolutely outstanding because it is a 4K smart TV using Samsung’s internal QLED technology. It also comes with many accompanying technologies that can enhance your viewing experience.

The Frame covers 100% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut with QLED technology. It also has dual LED backlights to improve colour contrast and pure black tones. In addition, the TV also has a built-in 4K quantum processor, which can achieve AI upscaling, thereby significantly upgrading the video quality of low-resolution content to 4K resolution.

For the audio part, there is SpaceFit Sound, which can analyse your room environment and then automatically optimize the sound profile. In addition, this smart TV also has functions such as “multi-view”, “mobile mirroring” and “click view”. Multi-view is particularly useful because it allows you to watch content from up to four different sources (i.e., smartphones, tablets, laptops) on screen of The Frame TV.


These are the 3 main reasons are just some of the reasons for buying The Frame for your living space. In terms of functions, the TV also has Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant. There are also various accessories, including Slim Fit wall mount (included) and Studio Stand for displaying The Frame in the corridor. Besides, the height of the TV stand is adjustable, which is useful when you just want to treat it like a TV with a sound bar.  There is also the One Connect Box that is great for simplifying cable management, and you can even hide it to keep the room clean and simple.

Samsung also plans to achieve green environmental protection through some new products. This includes new environmentally friendly packaging and oil-based inks for TV boxes, which help reduce waste because it can be reused. Most importantly, the remote control is made of 24% recyclable materials, which is another measure taken by the company to improve environmental protection. It is even powered by solar cells, eliminating the need to purchase disposable batteries.

If you want to learn more about Samsung The Frame, please visit the official product page HERE. If you like this type of blog, please stay tuned to HATCH for more articles like this.


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