Choosing a new sofa can be daunting. With so many designs to choose from, it is difficult to know which sofa is best for you and your home. 

Scrolling through this quiz, you will see many different styles, shapes and types of sofas. From traditional two- or three-seater styles to sofa beds, recliners and so on.

Just answer the following questions, and we will narrow down the style and scope that most appeal to you. Here, you only need to spend 3 minutes to test and understand which sofa is best for you!


[Let’s Start!]


1.) Your ideal sofa companion is:

a. Your family or partner (Go to question 2)

b. Your pet cat/ dog (Go to question 4)


2.) You currently live in:

a. A home with lots of living spaces (Go to question 3)

b. A smaller home or duplex (Go to question 4)


3.) Your ideal composition of sofa is...

a. Corner Shape (Your Result is A)

b. U-shape (Your Result is B)

c. L-shape (Your Result is C)



4.) When buying a new sofa, the most important thing to you is:

a. Comfort and quality (Go to question 5)

b. Style and design (Go to question 7)


5.) Which types of seating position you prefer?

a. Formal Seating (Go to question 6)

b. Relaxing Seating (Go to question 8)


6.) You will prefer...

a. Function with recliner (Go to question 9)

b. Keep it simple (Your Result is D)


7.) Your ideal sofa would have:

a. Push back function (Go to question 8)

b. Recliner function (Go to question 9)

c. Compact design (Your Result is D)


8.) The armrest style that appeals to you the most is:

a. Thick armrest (Your Result is E)

b. Shaped and Functional armrest (Your Result is F)


9.) Which types of sofa feet that appeals to you most is: 

a. Sled Base Style (Your Result is G)

b. Floating Style (Your Result is H)



 The editor will provide the answer with the sofa of Malaysia furniture brand [HATCH]!



HATCH will recommend our Model 3326 to you. The corner design will give you a sense of atmosphere. The recliner function also provided a comfortable seating position and release the pressure on your body and leg.

This sofa not only has ordinary seats, but also has a mini stool hidden on the side of the armrest of the sofa, which can provide more seats for your guests. Especially, for those who likes to invite guests to a home party, this sofa is perfect for your home! You don’t have to worry about not having enough seats for the guests~


Or you can consider our Model 3338. The unique feature of this sofa is that it has a hidden storage space, you can put the pillows or cushions in it, so that you can keep the appearance of the sofa tidy at any time. And this storage box also has a cup holder function. So, you can sit on the sofa and enjoy your drink at any time. Does it feel like go to vacation at home?


If you think that these two are not match to your ideal types. Then, Model 7188 would become a good choice. Because of the push back function of this sofa, the ordinary corner concept design is more outstanding.

You can also add a coffee table or a small table next to the sofa as the armrest of the sofa, which is beautiful and practical, and adds more flavor and uniqueness to the sofa. Now that you have spent your time on decorate this sofa, don’t you have the urge to take pictures to make friends and family envy you for having such a unique sofa?

For more information, let check out this video at HERE!



For those who got this answer, Model 7192 is the model that we want to recommend to you. This is one of the models in our infinity collection.

Whenever you look around, it will give you a visually magnifying effect. This sofa has a push back function that allows the backrest of the sofa to be pushed back to expand the seating space. Then, you can sit on the sofa at will, of course, you want to lie down, sit down, fall asleep, is totally up to you~

In short, it allows you to enjoy your “me time” by reading, watching TV or listening to music on the sofa. Wouldn’t it be great to spend your afternoon like this?



For those who get this answer are really suitable for this Model 7171, which is also the unique L-shape model that we want to recommend to you.

Why is so special? If compared to the ordinary L-shape sofa, the “L” part we can separate and become the ottoman which gives a different style of design. In other words, you can simply change the “L” on a different side of your sofa based on your mood~

The specialty of this sofa is the push back function and the unique design of the armrest. Our design replaced the traditional armrest design style with the bolster and this bolster used the Tumbler’s design concept. So, you don’t afraid that your bolster will “escape” from the sofa.



If you prefer a simple or compact design styles, HATCH will recommend our Model 7117 to you.

The reason for recommendation is that this sofa has what we call the “golden ratio”. This golden ratio can provide you with an ergonomic seat and slim armrest design. The adjustable headrest can provide you with a comfortable angle, you only need to use 2 fingers to easily adjust the angle you want.

It usually comes with a composition such as 2 seaters + 2.5 seaters or you can find out more composition that you didn't expect HERE. Most of our customers will consider and purchase this model, if they having the problem of insufficient space. 

If you want to know more, let our expert explain to you. Please click HERE to watch the video!


If you prefer your sofa design is an L-shape instead of the traditional 2 + 3 seaters, then Model 7168 will suit your preference. As the saying goes, “simple has simple beauty”. Especially, you’re looking compact design and comfortable feel of seating on the sofa.

Try to imagine that you sit on the sofa and watch a movie to spend the weekend with your couple or your pet. Or you would like to cuddle with them and read a book.



From the answer that you select, it seems that you have a preference for the sofa bed concept, so our Model 7119-N that suits your preferences. When you see the photo of this sofa, you might curious because it doesn’t look like the sofa bed at all!

However, the push back function of this sofa will enlarge the seating area and brings your comfort to another level. It will give you a feeling like sitting on your bed not a sofa, of course, you can sleep on the sofa with any pose~

So, you don’t have to worry about guests coming to stay overnight since you already have an extra “bed” for them. Or sometimes when you quarrel with your wife or partner, you will know this sofa is your best choice. (Shhh… Remember to treat yourself better!)



When you get this answer, HATCH will recommend Model 7186 to you. This is the latest sofa and hot selling model of this year. Why everyone falls in love with this model???

This is because of the adjustable backrest and the armrest. When you extend all the backrest and armrest, you can see the whole process of transformation of our sofa turn into a bed! Just like you watching the transformer movie in real life!

If you order the composition like 2 + 2.5 seaters, you will feel the value that you get is more than what you had been spent! Why do we say so? Click HERE to watch what our experts said in the video!



When the moment you select this answer, the editor knows that you are the person who loves the technology things such as the recliner function of the sofa. Then, Model 3322 will become the model on your shopping list. Why do I say so?

In the current market, you will rarely to saw that the sofa using the sensor recliner. Why do we use the term “sensor recliner” instead of the normal recliner? Because we want customers to experience a recliner sofa without pressing any button. The only thing that you need to do is put your hand closer to the sensor. When the sensor senses your hand, the recliner will open. Also because of the sensor recliner, we can easily adjust the angle of the seat.

If you notice the leg of the sofa in the picture, you will find that this is a sled base design. This design has a very eye-catching appearance and reflects a sense of fashion. The advantage of this design is that it can prevent scratches and damage to the surface of the floor. And it also has the advantage of allowing the robot vacuum to clean the bottom of the sofa.

Interested in this model? There still have some special features waiting for you to explore! You can review this model by click on Model 3322If you want to know more, click HERE to watch the video!



Did you go through the RESULT G? If no, let the editor tell you difference between them. In the previous result, the model 3322 has a lot of the mechanism such as the sensor recliner, adjustable headrest and armrest and the L-shape design.

In Model 3336, it is a 2 + 2.5 seaters composition and it also included the sensor recliner. For sure, the sensor recliner will provide a comfortable seat when you adjust to a certain angle that you like, and it only takes 8 seconds to fully expand the seat of the sofa.

If you pay attention to the feet of this sofa, it is a floating design style. The advantage of this design is it can eliminate the clutter of the sofa feet. Besides, this design type will take up less space, making the design perfect from any angle.

The whole feeling of this model is neat, simple, and modern design. It is suitable for the person who likes to investigate some technology things but doesn’t like the things look complicated. That why, we recommend this model to you! It gave the first impression to people in comfort and don’t have a lot of messy mechanisms.


Still can’t find out which sofa model suit you the most, click HERE to find out more!


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