The hatching of an egg is a mesmerizing process, signifying the start of new life. It is this concept of beginnings that inspired the name Hatch Home Concept.
Our founder, Mr Chan Kong Chuen, started out as a carpenter’s apprentice more than 30 years ago., steadily learning the ins and outs of furniture-making. With a penchant for fashion design and abundant creativity, it was not long before establish Hatch.
Currently, Hatch has over 20 years of experience in designing and innovating distinguished products. App-controlled furniture is one of the lasted innovation. Beside that, Hatch have participated in over 20 exibitions to showcase their craftsmanship.
Hatch research and development team created more than 300 design of quality sofa sets as well as upholstery products with an impressive six-year warranty.



Ours is a commitment to timeless, distinguished home furnishings that make every day elegant. Since Hatch’s inception in 2012, we’ve held to an ideal of comfort and refinement in every piece put forth by our family of brands. Our furniture and accessories are designed for spaces people call home—spaces that are real, relaxed, and refined. 
With a variety of collections rooted in uncomplicated luxury, our furniture nestles nicely into diverse interiors. Rooms furnished with Standard fill everyday living with elegance and ease with ergonomics function. That's a standard that’s always in style.