How to Bring in the 5 Elements in your home

When decorating Feng Shui in your home, it is important to keep the elements in mind. One of the rules of Feng Shui is to balance the five elements so that Qi (or energy) flows naturally in your home. Next, we will take you through each of the five feng shui elements, which colours and directions they are related to, and how to use them in different places in your home!

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Wood
  • Metal



  • Bagua Direction: South
  • Colours: Red, orange

As an element, fire is full of passion and emotion, bringing a strong sense of presence to the room. It is usually expressed through accents or feature walls because a completely red or orange room can be a bit overbearing. The key is to make a room more hot is to blend warmth and energy through colours, individual items or geometric shapes, which can be expressed through tiles or unique furniture.

Add Warmth with Fire

Setting up a fire pit, especially in more communal settings like living rooms and outdoor living spaces, is a terrific way to connect with and utilise the fire element. Of course, if you don’t have space in your home for a fireplace or a fire pt outside, candles can be used instead.

Focus on Good Lighting

Another approach to incorporate the fire element into your home is to use warm lighting. Good lighting, whether in the form of pendant lights, floor lamps, table lamps, or wall sconces, may make all the difference. Just make sure the light is directed upward, similar to how flames seek towards the sky.

Decorate with Red and Oranges

Reds and oranges are the feng shui colours linked with the fire element, so use them to decorate areas that require more dynamic energy. If painting the entire room red seems too bold, use red accent walls, orange throw cushions, and other hot splashes of colour instead.



  • Bagua Direction: North
  • Colours: Blue, Black

Don’t overlook the tremendous force of water while harmonising the components of feng shui! Water is all about fluidity, and it has something to do with your profession. If you want greater success and motivation at work, the water element is just what you need in your house.

Experiment with Black

Black is a symbol of deep water and has a protective effect. Although it is not recommended to paint the entire room in black, you can still bring back into your living space. Consider using lamps with black accents in the kitchen and living room. Or if your front door faces north, try painting it black!

Utilize Water Features

Actual water features are one of the finest ways to incorporate the element of water into your house. Fountains, ponds, pools, aquariums, and features are examples. If you are not ready for a large-scale water feature project, smaller functions such as a bowl or fish tank fillef with water and flower petals can also work well!

Opt for Wavy Décor

Curved and wavy are reminiscent of ocean waves and can help you draw the water element’s energy into your house. Keep an eye out for décor featuring waves, such as glass vases, artwork with flowing lines, and even fabric and wood designs.



  • Bagua Direction: Centre, northeast, southwest
  • Colours: Yellow, Pink, Orange, Blue

The earth element signifies health, wisdom, and stability in feng shui. It’s also highly linked to romantic and familial ties. The use of earthy materials, colours, and images in the home can help guide positive energy around these values.

Incorporate Natural Materials

Natural-material furnishings and home décor are a simple way to bring the earth element into your house. To invoke the earth element in more central parts of your house, use clay figures and terra cotta planters in your living room, earthware vases in your kitchen, or granite surfaces in your bathroom. 

Use Earth Tones with Décor

When choosing decorations for rooms where you want to take advantage of earth elements (such as kitchens, bathrooms, or bedrooms), look for softer, more earthy colours, such as warm yellow, pale pink, and gray blue. These colours can bring up feelings of well-being calm, and stability in relationships.

Try Some Crystals

Crystals come from the earth, so they can be used to guide earth elements. Each crystal has a different meaning and purpose, so you must take this into consideration when using them. For example black tourmaline has powerful protective energy, while rose quartz represents happiness and love.



  • Bagua Direction: East, Southeast
  • Colours: Green, Purple, Brown

Adding the wood feng shui element to your house will encourage growth, as well as nourish your relationships and prosperity, mush as how plants develop and contribute life to the earth. You may incorporate wood into your kitchen, living room, or bedroom in both literal and metaphorical ways.

Buy Some Houseplants

Plant are closely associated with the wood element since they enhance air quality, which contributes to the addition of life-giving chi to your home. Because many plants are compatible with the colour scheme of green, purple, and brown found in wood, you may decorate with plants in two ways. Look for feng shui friendly houseplants, such as a rubber plant or ficus.

Highlight Wooden Furniture

Use wooden furniture and décor if you want to bring the wood aspect into your house in a literal sense. Chairs and tables, as well as ornamental bowls, picture frames, and other items, can be used in this way. If you’re working on a bigger project, wood panelling around the walls is a terrific method to include the aspect.

Add Structure with Columns

Tall pillars and columns are designed to seem like the strong, powerful trunks of trees, making them the ideal complement to any home that wants to capture the energy of the wood element. You may go all out and have actual columns installed in your house, or you can opt for a more subtle aesthetic with floor-to-ceiling drapes or vertically striped linens.



  • Bagua Direction: West, Northwest
  • Colours: White, Gray, Black

Metal is a structural feng shui element that may help you infuse your house with creative energy and a feeling of adventure. It’s great addition to a home office to help you keep organised and productive, and it can even be used in entrance passages and mud rooms to support your travels.

Go With Neutral Colours

Neutral colours such as white, gray, and black are related to this feng shui element, so when decorating areas in your home with metal you need to stick to neutral colour scheme. Use light, airy colours, such as white and cream, in the family centric area to strengthen the tones in your home office or restaurant to attract creative inspiration. 

Decorate with Metallics

Metallic accents and reflections are another method to harness the energy of metal. A huge statement mirror, golden picture frames, silver drawer knobs, or bronze vases can all be used. Mirrors are fantastic over a fireplace or in your workplace because they reflect energy – just don’t put them in your bedroom!

Round Out Your Décor

The circle is a shape related to metal elements, so when looking for decoration for your home, stick to round pieces. Try using around coffee tables and coffee tables, round pendants, or fabrics with curved patterns. If you want to upgrade furniture, choose furniture with rounded edges.


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